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Hot Stones

Hot stones have been used as a healing aid for thousands of years with evidence from the Native Americans, Hawaii and Africa; Ayurveda in India, Bian stones & Moxabustion in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


It is a form of thermotherapy (Heat therapy) which increases the blood flow by vasodilation(opening of the blood vessels), increasing oxygen uptake and improving other chemical pathways, triggering the sympathetic nervous system, blocking pain pathways, accelerating metabolism, aiding muscle relaxation and decreasing joint stiffness. 


The stones are smooth basalt, volcanic rock, heated in hot water. They retain heat well aiding in the dispersion of heat in to the body tissues. A carrier oil or aromatherapy oils will be applied to the body to aid the stones movement across the skin, before introducing the dried, warmed stones, using the usual strokes as you would find in a classical massage but with the added benefit of heating the muscles and fascia faster allowing for a deeper treatment, increased blood stimulation & lymphatic drainage. 


Initially there will be a free consultation to find out your personal requirements and to devise a treatment plan; during this time it is very important that you inform me of any ongoing medical conditions. Treatments will not be carried out if you are suffering from thrombosis, are within the first trimester of pregnancy or have an unstable pregnancy, have a high fever, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, any contagious skin conditions or have any undiagnosed concerning lumps. If you are being treated for cancer a letter from your doctor may be required.  


Hot stone therapies may also not be suitable for those with neuropathy or nerve damage or loss of feeling, those taking medication that is sensitive to heat changes, the increased heat may cause medication absorption rate to alter or be accelerated and those on cortisone medications may be more prone to bruising. 


Hot stone massage can be beneficial for and not limited to  


Decreased muscle pain and stiffness 

Improved joint movement 

Improved detoxification 

Aided relaxation  

Reduced stress 

Improved sleep 

Increased feeling of well being 

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