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Classical massage

Classical massage, often known as Swedish massage was introduced to europe in the 1800's, it was originally a medical technique to prevent injury and aid rehabilitation within gymnastics, combined with an influence from chinese martial arts hands on therapies. Today it is the most familiar massage technique in the west. 

Classical massage is administered using muscle warming movements such as effleurage; long smoothing strokes, petrissage; kneeding squeezing and wringing of the muscles, friction, tapotmnet (tapping), shaking and vibration.

Massage is considered to be beneficial for physical and emotional conditions, helping to soothe muscles, stimulate circulation and leave you with a general sense of well being.

Initially there will be a free consultation to find out your personal requirements and to devise a treatment plan, during this time it is very important that you inform me of any ongoing medical conditions. Treatments will not be carried out if you are suffering from thrombosis, are within the first trimester of pregnancy or have an unstable pregnancy, have a high fever, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, any contagious skin conditions or have any undiagnosed concerning lumps. If you are being treated for cancer a letter from your doctor may be required.

Classical massage can be beneficial for many conditions including and not limited to 


Ease joint stiffness

Relieve muscular aches

Increase blood flow

Help in managing chronic pain

Stress related conditions

Aid relaxation

Metabolic waste removal

Feeling of well being

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